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Great Watchers of RhyDin


Note: This application cannot be filled out using Netscape or Microsoft Internet explorer. Please go to and fill out the application using AOL's internet browser.


~Your name (Character's Name)

~Race (Dragon, Elf, Angel, etc.)

~How long have you been in RhyDin?

~Have you had any previous experience in the UGC?

~If yes, please fill in the below boxes with the proper information: (otherwise type "NONE")
~UGC Exp
~UGC Dice

~Please check the legion(s) you would be interested in joining:

--Mages/Ones who control Magic(k)

~Are you familiar with the rules and regulations of the UGC charter? (if not, that is alright):

~State the text string to roll initiate and a regular attack:

~Do you understand what each of these acronyms stand for?

~Who directed you to this application? (screen name):