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UGC Charter, Part 2

Spies, Assassins, Murderers, and Thieves

Assassins may not be supers (4d) or half-breeds (3d) if your character has the ability to at any time claim 3d or 4d you may not under any circumstances be an assassin or a Thief.

Assassin Log Rules
Three Logs must be made of the victim to use the normal AA rules. Each log must be at least one hour apart and 12 lines in length, from one line of the target speaking to the 12th. Showing the assassin to be aware of the targets activities. A single log can only be used for 2 victims, no more than 2 can be watched at one time.

Fines for "Faked Logs"
Anyone found to be doctoring logs will be fined one half of their UGC XPS and 10,000 gold pieces. It is a very serious offense done to try to gain power and justifies such a heavy fine.

Assassin Registration
AA's are a thing of skill. Anyone who wishes to be an Assassin must register with the UGC. After an initial period of time, any new UGC assassin must be trained (3logs) by an already registered assassin, just as a mage learning a spell.

Once a Day Limit for Assassins
After a TA or AA on a person, the same person cannot make another attempt on the same person again and again. 24 hours must pass between each failed TA and AA.
NO AA's on proctors while they are working.
At no time is anyone to AA or steal from a person who is actively proctoring.

Running from an AA

  1. The person targeted is considered dead if they were in the room, targeted and then ran (left the room).
  2. The person targeted must roll their perception check(s) within five minutes(same time as punt rule) or be considered dead.
  3. Inter-SN AA/MAA/DM/Punt orders should be invalid due to bad RPing.

Contracts for AA's
A Guild Commander, Guild SiC (XO), or registered UGC member MUST contract Assassin's. The contract must be written, and submitted to the Assassin supervisor PRIOR to the Assassin doing his job. If a GC contracts an Assassin, and doesn't turn in a written contract, and the Assassin kills his target, That GC will be put to Death. If an Assassin kills (AA's) a person WITHOUT a contract, the AA will be considered invalid.

Home territory
This means that if you are in your PR (private room) home and someone is warned twice to leave and refuses; you have the right to defend your home. You don't need logs or a contract. The person who won't leave doesn't need to roll perception they KNOW they will be attacked if they don't leave. The homeowner can attack first without fear of penalty, as long as the warnings were given in the room. Also, any who are in the " home" and defending the " home" can attack, they don't have to have bodyguard in their profile, however there must be at least 4 lines between warnings to show the intruder had time to leave.

Assassination Attempts (AA's): The old rule of the AA Dagger is gone, but forcing Assassin's to fight Death Matches just to off someone just makes them Low-profile Fighters. So, this is the proposal that has been presented to the UGC.
First of all, Assassins work through Stealth, which is damn hard to represent on-line. So, to make up for this, the UGC proposes the following System.

  1. The Warning: When an Assassin has a target in sight (i.e. in the same room), he sends the target an IM stating that he is the target of an Assassination. If IM's are off the assassin may announce his/her intent in the room.
  2. Defense: The victim is entitled 1 chance at avoiding the Assassination. After the MUN receives the IM, he may roll a Perception Check (based on 2d20), but must score 2 points (i.e. a 20,or a 15+on BOTH dice) to notice that something is amiss. If the target character makes it (a score of 2 points or better) they may chose to fight, dodge or flee. If they chose to dodge, they wait till the assassin attacks and then state :: dodges:: and rolls their guild or personal dice. In order for the dodge to work they must roll at least 1 point higher on one of their dice than the highest die the assassin rolled. (I.e. assassin rolled a 16 28, and the target rolled a 5 29 so the dodge was successful, kind of like a saving throw from AD&D. If a Dodge is successful no damage is incurred. The assassin can't dodge a dodge as s/he used their move already for the round by attacking. If the Perception check fails, the Character does NOT know they have been targeted.

The Attack: The Assassin then states his Attempt to kill, (i.e.: ::Fires poisoned dart at Joe456's chest::). The Targets MUN now knows his SN has been targeted BUT can DO NOTHING about it, as in the RPG sense, the Target Character has no clue what is happening, Unless the have made their perception check. The assassin then rolls His dice. Now the more powerful the target, the more points are required to kill him, based on his or her dice (Example, if your target has 2d20,he gets killed on a 5 point hit, and this goes up at a ratio of 10 to 1{2d30=6; 2d40=7; 2d50=8 etc.} so, it gets harder to kill a more experienced target. Double these amounts if the target is a super-natural. IF he succeeds then the target is dead. If he fails but hits, the target now knows something is up and can chose as before to fight, dodge the next attack, or flee, and the damage incurred Count towards a DM if one begins. A Dodge must be attempted and succeed in order to avoid the damage of that attack completely) All Assassins engaged in a DM due to being spotted, fight with their guild dice. The assassin can chose to run at any point unless it is RPGed out that he/she has become trapped.

Ok, Here is the Bodyguard rule: If a person has "BodyGuard to XXXXX" in there profile, they are also allowed to make perception rolls but only if they were already in the room and if they fail they can't attempt to help the person they are body guard too. Mass AA: Ok, all a Mass AA is, is where 2 or 3 assassins Gang up to AA someone. This is usually only done, when you are trying to kill someone very powerful, like a High Dice Super. All the standard rules for Normal AA's Apply to the mass AA.

Assassins Exp's :The Assassin earns EXP's a regular DM would give him, plus 50 for the attempt. Assassins are paid in Gold by the people who hire them (rates listed below) If he loses, well, it WAS a DM for the assassin, for the victim it was defense as he didn't " chose" to be involved ...thus the assassin can't be resurrected but victim can.

Starting Fees for Assassins In Gold are: (Per dice of Victim) 2d20 to 25=100 2d26 to 30=150 2d31 to 35=300 2d36 to40=450 2d41 to 45=600 2d46 to 50=900 2d51 to 55=1200 2d56 to 60=1500 2d61 to 65=2000 2d66 to 70=2500 2d71 to 75=3000 2d76 to 80=4500 2d81 to 85=6000 2d86 to 90=9000 2d91 to 95=12000 2d96 to 100=15000!

Double all these figures if the target is a SuperNatural.

(Note as it can be easy to get killed by an assassin we have created " priests" who can resurrect victims of assassins, but if an assassin gets killed during an AA attempt He/She can NOT be resurrected. Spies: When a spy turns in a stolen Roster of a Guild to the UGC (That isn't on File), they receive 25 exps times the number of members in the guild. Roster updates are credited to you at a flat 50 exps per update. If there are more members listed on the update than on the previously given roster, then the spy get 25X the difference. This applies only to stolen rosters, not normal guild updates. Guild commanders may chose how much they are willing to pay for stolen rosters, depending on what their guild can afford within a reasonable amount. (Note): rosters that don't include a members count at the top, dice of members, are on a black background, are attached files, or are from a UGC guild will not be accepted as stolen rosters by the UGC.

Thieves: can steal gold and weapons. First off it is much easier to steal 10 gold than 100 gold. So....

Once a Day Limit for Thieves

After a TA or AA on a person, the same person cannot make another attempt on the same person again and again. 24 hours must pass between each failed TA and AA. NO stealing from proctors while they are working At no time is anyone to AA or steal from a person who is actively proctoring.

Rolling the dice: For every 20 gold you want to steal your sides go down 1 so if you want to steal 200 you lower your sides down 10. (I.e.: if you are 2d40 they go down to 2d30) If you want to steal a weapon or armor for every +1 it is, it is considered worth 1000 gold, so your sides go down 50 sides (in effect +2 and +3 items are Unstealable). Everyone rolls 1d(of his or her dice) in a theft attempt. Perception check: The intended victim get 2d20 perception check to see if the "character" realizes they are being stolen from, if they miss the perception check then the " character" has no clue what is going on.

How it is played: The thief goes into the same room as the victim, gets near the intended victim, and states OOC the attempt of the theft and what they are going to steal. The victim is still unaware of this, only the MUN knows, unless the perception check is made, In which case the victim may call out for help in stopping the thief. The victims MUN rolls 1d(his dice) and the thief rolls his dice minus what he is stealing and if he scores a greater roll then the intended victim, than he gets it. The victim then gets ANOTHER perception check if they had failed the first, to see if they realize they had been stolen from, if they make this P-roll then they know they have been stolen from but NOT who did the stealing. Thought they may have an idea as the thief had to be near the victim in order to try and steal.

Normally Joe's dice are 43's and Slayers dice are 50's

Slayer: --Reaches into JoetheEvil's pocket and grabs 100 gold-
JoetheEvil: ((Perception check))
OnlineHost: Joetheevil rolled 2 20-sides dice 14 9 (he didn't make it)
OnlineHost: JoetheEvil rolled 1 43-sides dice: 32
OnlineHost: Slayer rolled 1 45-sides dice: 39
JoestheEvil: (( perception check))
OnlineHost: JoetheEvil rolled 2 20-sides dice 19 15
JoetheEvil: HEY!! I've been robbed! Someone help me block the doors so we can search everyone!

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