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UGC Charter, Part 1

Loan,Gifting,Trading Ect. of EXP's is illegal.With the exception of loans made to new guilds by the UGC,and the UGC Credit Union and legal wills.
You earn the exp's,THEN get the Dice...
2d20=0 exp's 2d21=10exp's 2d22=20exp's 2d23=40exp's 2d24=60exp's 2d25=80exp's 2d26=100exp's 2d27=125exp's 2d28=150exp's 2d29=170exp's 2d30=200exp's 2d31=225exp's 2d32=250exp's 2d33=275exp's 2d34=300exp's 2d35=400exp's 2d36=450pts 2d37=500exp's 2d38=550exp's 2d39=600exp's 2d40=700exp's 2d41=800exp's 2d42=900exp's 2d43=1000exp's 2d44=1500exp's 2d45=1750exp's 2d46=2000exp's 2d47=2500exp's 2d48=3000exp's 2d49=3500exp's 2d50=4000exp's 2d51=4500exp's 2d52=5000exp's 2d53=5500exp's 2d54=6000exp's 2d55=7500exp's 2d56=8000exp's 2d57=8500exp's 2d58=9000exp's 2d59=9500exp's 2d60=10,000exp's 2d61=11,000exp's 2d62=12,000exp's 2d63=13,000exp's 2d64=14,000exp's 2d65=15,000exp's 2d66=16,000exp's 2d67=17,000exp's 2d68=18,000exp's 2d69=19,000exp's 2d70=20,000exp's 2d71=22,500exp's 2d72=25,000exp's 2d73=27,500exp's 2d74=30,000exp's 2d75=32,500exp's 2d76=35,000exp's 2d77=37,500exp's 2d78=40,000exp's 2d79=45,000exp's 2d80=50,000exp's 2d81=55,000exp's 2d82=60,000exp's 2d83=65,000exp's 2d84=70,000exp's 2d85=75,000exp's 2d86=80,000exp's 2d87=85,000exp's 2d88=90,000exp's 2d89=95,000pts 2d90=100,000exp's 2d91=200,000exp's 2d92=300,000exp's 2d93=400,000exp's 2d94=500,000exp's 2d95=600,000exp's 2d96=700,000exp's 2d97=800,000exp's 2d98=900,000exp's 2d98=900,500exp's 2d99=1,000,000exp's 2d100=1,500,000(!)exp's .

Dice Scoring:
1-14=0 15-19=1 20-24=2 25-29=3 30-34=4 35-39=5 40-44=6 45-49=7 50-54=8 55-59=9 60-64=10 65-69=11 70-74=12 75-79=13 80-84=14 85-89=15 90=16 91=17 92=18 93=19 94=20 95=21 96=22 97=23 98=24 99=25 100=26

Now,as you can see,it starts out easy,but gets harder and harder as you progress higher and higher.

RANKS ( Remember you earn the dice THEN you get the rank)
Private-2d20 to 2d25, Corporal-2d26 to 2d30, Sergeant- 2d31 to 2d35, Master Sergeant- 2d36 to 2d40, 2nd Lieutenant- 2d41 to 2d45, Lieutenant- 2d46 to 2d50, Captain- 2d51 to 2d55, Major-2d56 to 2d60, Lt.Colonel- 2d61 to 2d65, Colonel- 2d66 to 2d70, Lt. General- 2d71 to 2d75, Maj.General-2d76 to 2d80, General-2d81 to 2d85, Field marshal-2d86 to 2d90, High Council Member-2d91 to 2d100

Earning Exp's: You Earn By Sparring,SM's,HM's,RM's,AA's and Wars.Also,take time to note this:UGC is the ONLY Forum to allow only one dice per CHARACTER,and the details are listed below.
Now,for those who have many dice in many guilds, What occurs is this:All of your lowest dice are DROPPED.You will have your highest earned Exps in ALL of the guilds you are in.It will become the job of the "character" to send out any exps granted that they recieve,to the GC's of all the other guilds he/she is in,and it is the members job to sent ALL spar logs to each of the GC's of the guilds he or she is in.Note:These dice changes only apply to UGC guilds,and have nothing to do with UAC, AoRG, Forum, RGF or anyone else's Dice.

Authority of the Dicemaster: It is required that for any spar or match related XPS the person gaining them has to keep unedited log manager logs to be produced to the Dice Master or his assistants at any time for verification of their dice and XPS. If a person experiences technical difficulties in doing this then their GC or XO should have these logs. Further, if, because of technical difficulties logs are lost UGC should be notified immediately so that the dice master may verify the XPS with their GC and logs may be kept from there. Failure to keep these logs may, at the discretion of the Dicemaster result in invalidation of the XPS. If there is a reason logs cannot be kept at all or must be kept in a different fashion then the Dicemaster must be notified immediately so that he can approve another method as he sees fit

Sparring,SM's,HM's,RM'sDM's,and AA's: All must be logged.Proctors are not required, but the logs MUST be turned in to your Division Commanders (or Tower Commanders,Legion Generals,or Whatever),as this is the only way to be certain of Honesty.

  1. Sparring: When you fight a spar,you will recieve 5x the difference in EXP's as by how much you win by(ie: the final score is 10-6 you, so you would earn 20 points).If you lose a spar,you earn 5 points,as when even though you lost,you still LEARNED from the Experience.Now,this doesn't mean go nuts sparring people with uneven dice.You can fight any spar with any dice,but it's not reccommended to fight grossly unmatched opponents.THE MAXIMUM ALLOWED FINAL SCORE goal OF ANY SPAR(SM'S,HM'S AND DM'S, ect. INCLUDED) IS 100.
  2. Slave,Honor Matches,Release Matches: Self-Strikes are now ILLEGAL. Forfeitures cannot be done simply to give experience to others.

The Aggressor Rule: Simply put,that,if a Fight starts between two individuals,and no rules are stated,the 20/30/40 rule takes immediate effect(20 hitpoints for a Human,30 for a half breed and 40 for a Super),and the fight becomes a DM.The loser becomes a Ghost(no ress needed) for 72 hours IRL,to think on the situation.
Now,if the Aggressor has exceedingly higher dice then his victim(more then a 25 points possible to "hit" spread),he(or she) will be reduced in dice by 20 to 30 sides(High Chancellor's Decision is final).This should stem any tide toward what Keezar Max had suggested,where High Dicers will go off looking for a fight among newbies.I personally,would not risk my dice over beating up on someone weaker then me,that is just bullying.Logs of these Impromptu DM's must be sent to both myself and AmiContani,for verification.

Assassinatin Attempts(AA's)see charter part 3 "spies, assassins, murderers and thieves"

Dragons and other powerfull opponents: This is a small problem,as the actual number of Unaligned Dragons is small.As for dragon dice,this is a 2 part solution.The first part deals with the Dragon itself,and the second part deals with dealing with a dragon.Ok,I have spoken to several Dragon players,and I have come up with the perfect solution to the current weakness in Dragon Dice.As a human,a dragon would use his standard Guild dice.But,when he shifts to Dragon form,he now gets twice his normal dice( ie: a 2d30 Dragon,in human form,would get 4d30 as a dragon),And it takes 40 points to kill one.I see this as perfectly acceptable,considering step 2.(Dragons CAN NOT be Assassins)

  1. Mass Combat: (2 0n 1, 3 on 1 ect.)Now,any good adventuring party that is out to slay a dragon or any other big target(and get its treasure),will usually consist of 4 to 8 people.Now,1 on 1, a dragon is a deadly opponent,but with 4 people attacking it,it's power tends to diminish.So,when engaging a Dragonor other big opponent,DON'T GO ALONE!!!In a fight with a Dragon where more then one person is involved,the sequence of combat would look like this:( Joe456,and his friends:RobBoy,StarElf,and PureHeal are seeking DracoLord,a powerful Dragon of 2d45 dice.They find him in Humanform,lounging in a Tavern.After Joe confronts him and makes his intentions known,Draco shifts to Dragon form,and the fight begins.After inits has been rolled,it is revealed that Draco goes last.So,Joe and co. start there Attacks.All of Joe's forces attack,then Draco unloads on one of them with 4d45.
  2. Dragon (or opponent) Dies : Dividing the loot(exps).If your SN dies while fighting a Dragon,you gain NO points.(After all,dead men can't spend gold)So,the Exps from the kill,are multiplied by the normal 25(for a DM),then by 2(It WAS a Dragon,after all!)then by the dragons Dice strength.Thus a 4d45 Dragon would be worth(45x(25x2)=2250(!)Exp's.Exp's are split evenly among the survivors. 4)Dragon(or opponent) Wins.Now using our sample party,we re-start the fight,but this time,Draco goes first.He attacks RobBoy,with 4d45,and rolls 12,40,25,and 37.The Damage to Rob is 14 points(!),and they haven't even attacked yet! Rob is 6 points from death(As in a Mass Engagement,Humans have 20 pts only,Period.)The fight continues,and Draco prevails.The Experience points he gains is based on the following formula: # of Opponents x Their best dice x 25(DM),so are sample party would be worth (2d30 for Joe,30x4x25=3000Exp's(!)
  3. Team combat: Runs bacically the same as above but with there being teams going against aech other.Team captains pick players for their team then the captains roll Init to see whos team gets to " attack" first.Anyone on the team that loses init. is intytled to honor strike if they are " killed" in a round( a round being where both teams have had their turn at attacking.) where they have not had a chance to attack.this honor strike can be taken immediatly or at their normal time to attack which ever is more covienient.exp's are given as follows # of opponents beaten X highest dice of the beaten oponents X 5( for the spar) divided among the survivors.

example : tom2d20, sam 4d50, and lisa 3d33 are team "A" bob 2d22,sue 4d48, and chris3d32 are team "B".. team "B" wins but sue got " killied" in the prosess exp's are 3( number of opponents beaten) X 50 (sam's dice)X5( for the spar) divided by 2=375 exp's for bob and chris 5 exp's for every one else.

In the event that all "players" are "killed" all players get 5 exp's only. Addition to Mass Spar Rules

Honors & SA's must be stated as terms at the beginning of the match. It must be stated at the beginning or there are no honors in the match and no Split Attacks. Honors can be first round only, last person only, or constant for any who do not swing in a round. If no winner is alive at the end of the fight due to honors, all receive 5 exp, no bonus because no one won. Honors may be turned down by the person meant to receive them. The proctor decides any argument during a spar.

Wars: Warring among members of the U.G.C. is pretty much an open affair,so long as certain precautions are taken:

  1. PoW's: When you lose a War fight(usually is a DM),you become a PoW of the side you lost to.You gain the standard 5 exps,and stay a PoW for a number of days equal to the number of points by which you lost the fight.
  2. Victory Assesment: When one side of war loses,or concedes defeat,the victor recieves Exp's based on the following formula: # of members in Victor guild-minus-# of non-PoW members in defeated guild x 100=points gained by Victor.

( ie: if there are 45 members in the victorious guild,and only 19 members left in the defeated guild who aren't PoW's, then the victors recieve(26x100)=2600 points to be divided EVENLY amongst all Members of the guild.In the case of our example guild,they would recieve 57 points per member,in addition to the DM points their members won during the conflict.

Now, some of you may Whine&Moan about this saying, "well,joe456 is in our guild,but he wasn't on-line the day of the War, so why should he get points?"
Well, the answer is simple. Is he on the roster? Did he help get your guild the initial points by being in the guild in the first place,and did he also add to the strength of your guild when the victory points were assessed? Well then, he gets a share.

Healers: healers use their dice just as a fighter except they are healing instead of hurting,and they recieve 5 exp's for each point healed, however if while attempting to heal someone they miss completely they can no longer try to heal that person for the remainder of the day.healing as with everything else must be loged to get the Exp's

Priest/ess:(These aren't Healers,folks,these are actual priests,the ones who raise the dead,remove curses,the real deal,not walking med-kits, Priest can however heal and fight.Priests can be shamen,pastors,medicine men ect, it is no perticular religion.

Alignment: Priest/ess must be of Good or neurtal allignment, as the main purpose of priest is to counter assassins.

Priest/ess Exp's: exp's go higher depending on how formal and on how complicated you make your ceremonies, on services that require no roll.All Duties and/or services must be loged to count for EXP's.You must state what is being done at the beginning of the log.
You must list the total of " hits" per person at the end of the log, if hits were needed.

Clergy Duties EXP's Points to hit needed to roll to succeed
Blessings 10 none
Baptisms 25 and up none
Divorce 25 and up none
Sermons 25 and up none
Counciling, confessions, ect. 25 and up none
Burials 40 and up none
Last Rights 40 and up none
Marriages 50 and up none
Stopping a DM 50 and up none
Removal of curses 50 and up* 5 for minor, 25 for major
Soul Transfers 150 20
Raise the dead 200 40
* A description of the curse and it's affects must acompany the log
Notes on raising the dead: Priest/ess must be assisted by a healer and can not be use on people who died in a DM,immortals. Both a priest and a healer must hit for at least 5 points each for the resurection to work, but the points total needed is still 40.Only in a resurection does a priest have to have a healer to help. A person MUST list how many times they have been resurrected in their profiles),

Everyone must list the number of ressurections they have recieved in their profiles,The maximum number of times any particular SN can be raised is 2 at 2d20,plus once for every additional 20 points of dice.

Failed attempt at anything.
( i.e. never hit) .................... 20........
Failed Attempt at resurection,Soul Tranfers or Removal of Curses (i,e, hit but didn't get enough points total to do the job) 10Xpoints per successfully " hit"

Priest/ess's and Healers can work together to get the needed points!

Dragon Heart : When someone dies in either a DM or AA, a dragon may give them half their heart to save that person. Also, if that person had been rezzed more than they are allowed, then they may only be rezzed in this manner. But, a draw back to this is once someone is rezzed in this manner they become bonded to that dragon, and that dragon may "not" rezz someone else in this manner again. Now, what is meant by the bonding is that if either one dies, for any reason, then they both die.

Wills(The leaving of Items,gold,and exps to a friend or loved one),is now allowed in the UGC,with a limit of 10,000 exp's per person listed in the will.So, for example,if you have 50,000 exp's to will, name 5 or more people that the Exp's will be split among.All wills must be written and turned into the UGC Coroners office prior to the Death of the writer. Recruiting

  1. Recruiting for your guild:As for the recruiting of new members,these members must have there applications reviewed by a Council member(IE Guild Commander) before they may be allowed to join.This way,the commander can Allocate initial points(if appropriate) to the new recruit.The person who recruited him(or her) recieves 5x the alloted points in Gold(5 if none were awarded).The maximum any new member can recieve,is 100 points(ie 2d26) the points are given from the guild point pool.Guild commanders may chose to give more exp's than this if they want for short terms of time,but the diffeance must come form their Guild EXP Point Pool.Guild Comander may also give rewards for recruting Example: a recruiting week where a 50 Gold. bonus is given for recruiting.
  2. Guild Recruiting:When you recruit a guild or person,and bring them into the UGC, the recruiting person earns exps based on the following formula: # of members in the recruited guild x 100=the total points earned ,The recruiter gets half,and the other half go to the point pool of the guild the recruiter belongs to,if the recruter is a freelancer he/she gets all of the points.This is payed by the UGC.Unless you recruited them into the UGC by adding them to your guild ( then no points are given by the UGC).

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