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UGC Charter, Part 3

When you Join
  1. Restrictions: None, you may be in the UGC and in any other forum of your chosing.
  2. Profile: You MUST have a profile to be in the UGC. Your profile MUST include:
    Example: UGC,QOR,4d36's,455 exp's,Dragon,+2 sword of wounding,gold: 3000, Res 1
  3. Super- Naturals: If you are a Archangel,DemonLord,Master Vampire,Werewolf,Angel,Immortal(Highlander),Known Fantasy (AD&D )Monster,or RIFTS Creature,you qualify as a Super-Natural.But what you are must be listed in your Profile.You get 4 dice and it takes 40 points to kill you.You may NOT be an assassin.
  4. Half Breeds: If you are a half breed(aka=Half supernatural/half normal)then you qualify as a Half-Super(Which gives you 3dice,30 Hit points, and you can not be an assassin.
  5. EXP assignments for guilds that join: Each guild will recieve a bi-weekly allotment of EXP's based on the total number in the guild.Their first alotment is in EXP's at the rate of 100X the # of members listed in their Roster,There after it is in Gold at the rate of 25 Gold per member.

Next order is Council Representation.
  1. High Council: All member guilds that maintain 20 or more members will send one of their members to the High Council.These people decide the course of the U.G.C.,in the matters of Wars,New Guild memberships,etc.
  2. The High Chancellor: The High Chancellor for the U.G.C. is amicomtani. She sits at the forefront of the High Council,and when a vote comes forward to be passed or rejected,her vote is the most important.If the council says War,and it is not unanamius,and she says NO,there is no war.If the Council is Unanamius,War is declared.The High Chancellor carries the voting power of three(3)Guilds, in matters other than war.Any guild OR person who disobeys her directive, will be placed on "Outlaw Status" til the next scheduled meeting of the High Council. Afterwards, the High Council will decide the fate of the Outlaws.(Sounds kinda like the Klingon High Council doesn't it, It should,that's where I got the Idea.)

Due to comparisons to the UAC, I am changing the leadership rules. Election of High Chancelor: After 6 months(IRL)there will be Elections,to determine the next leader of the UGC.The Elections for the next High Chancellor will be held Janurary 5th,1998.The candidates for the election will be chosen from the Guild Leaders of the High Council. All UGC High Council Members may Vote for one of these Individuals,who will run the UGC for the next 6 months.If at any point a High Chancellor is killed or steps down before their tenure is over they may chose their replacemnent who will serve untill the next scheduled election.Minimum Requirements to be considered for the Position of high Chancelor are 8 to 10 hours of free time daily( to do the work) and 2 gig's of free Hard Drive Space ( for the files)

Impeachment of the High Chancellor(Or any other High Council member):
Under the condition that the high chancellor has transgressed against the rights of the council, used his/her power as high chancellor to kill possible political opponents in the high council, or used his/her power in a personal vendetta, the high chancellor may be impeached by a 2/3 vote of the high council.

UGC Executioners

The executioners job would only come into play when the high council has already voted on the punishment for a character , and that character refuses to obey the high councils ruling.If the High Council comes to an executioner with a problem about a member's actions(Be it stalking,cursing,not playing by the established rules,etc),and talking will not resolve the issue,then the UGC Executioners are brought in.Now,when this is done, only the High Chancellor has the final Authority to issue the request to their office,they move out to find their intended target.Now,you may say,"Well,if he is ordered to a DM,he can refuse it right?" WRONG.If you have the Executioners called out on you,you have two choices:Immediate stripping of all rank,dice and position in the UGC,or a DM to prove yourself wrongly accused.If the target loses,he/she deletes his(or her) Persona (In other words,the SN stays,but the CHARACTER is Deleted.(Deleting the Profile)Period,there is no talk or debate.If they should win,(Which is not very likely),then they are vindicated of all charges,guilty or no, and the executioner has to delete His/Her profile. Fine Schedule for the UGC (in exp)

Fighting an Honor Match: (When Honor was never in Question):3000 exps
Insubordination to a Superior Officer of the UGC:3000 exps+*
Disrespect to the High Chancelor of the UGC: Outlaw Status and/or a fine , at the discretion of the High Chancellor.
Complaints: ANY compliants about the Chancellor and or the XO of the UGC must be made in letter form, and may be presented as such at a High Council meeting.Verbal disrespect such as yelling,name calling and/or cursing will not be tolerated and will be met with immediate outlaw status and/or a fine, at the discretion of the chancellor and/or XO.
The UGC has many people helping to keep the forum running smoothly please contact the person in charge of the item or items you may have questions about.

High Chancelor- Amicontani, heads the High Council, and makes all nessisary emergancy decisions,when the person heading up an area is not available.

XO-Lordfango,contact for forms, or problems concerning AA's

Advisors to High Chancelor: Caitlinrze and Anshpaten

Diplomatic Liason Officer :Alariana, contact for inter forum problems(ie. problems between differant forums)

UGC Executioners -Studman13,Azrael Avg

Multi-Media Specialist - JohnCC4, contact for help in setting up web pages ect.

Minister of Internal Affairs- GoldDramin,contact for inner forum problems(i.e. problems between guilds in the UGC itself)

DICE Master: KajinWolf, report suspected " false" dice to him 90's and up Supervisor:LrdMcdugal. all 90's and above send thier logs to him.

GC dice supervisor: alexstar6, all GC's send their logs to him

Minister of WAR -James Lght, any who have questions ect. Concerning war contact him

Guild Coordinator-Lordeolis, for help getting your guild involved after you have been registereed.

Freelance Organizer- Dark Malek, to register as a freelancer in the UGC. Also who you send you logs to once you are a UGC freelancer.

United Guilds Council
Application for Acceptance
(Please Fill out and return to amycontani. Thank you)

1)What is your Guilds name?:

2)How many members does your Guild have(Minimum for membership is 20)?

3)Who is your Guilds Grand Commander?:

4)Who is your Executive Officer?:

5) Give a brief discription of your guilds alignment and main purpose.

6) How long has your guild been in existance?

7) Who intruduced you to the UGC ?what Guild are they in ? So I may assign them EXP's for recruiting you.

8)Below,please enclose a COMPLETE roster:

9) if you are transfering form UAC to UGC please state you UAC Xp's take the # of members you have in your guild and multiply by 100 , that is your guilds starting exp's .Use that number and the chart below to asighn you people dice. Put their dice and exp's next to their names on your roster. the math will be checked before admitance to the UGC is passed. Also unless you are transfering from the UGC each members recieves 20 times the dice they get in gold,( example a 2d25 gets 500 starting gold, 25 x20=500, number of dice doesn't matter) Gold and EXP's are kept sepertly. Thank you. Highest legal starting point in the UGC is 35's. Please note supernaturals get 4 dice in stead of 2.

2d20=0 exp's 2d21=10exp's 2d22=20exp's 2d23=40exp's 2d24=60exp's 2d25=80exp's 2d26=100exp's 2d27=125exp's 2d28=150exp's 2d29=17exp's 2d30=200exp's 2d31=225exp's 2d32=250exp's 2d33=275exp's 2d34=300exp's 2d35=400exp's

If you are applying as an Individual,and wish Freelance Status,fill out the app below.

UGC Freelance Application
1)What is your Characters name?

2) Are you a human,half breed, or a supernatural?

3) Give a brief discription of your Characters alignment and main purpose.

4) How long has your Character been in existence?:

5) Who intruduced you to the UGC ? What Guild are they in ? So i may assign them EXP's for recruiting you.

6) If you are transfering form UAC to UGC, or from a guild to freelance please state you UAC Xp's, or exp's,dice, and guild you are transfering from.

7)Please return to Dark Malek Only!

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